What Are Some Easy DIY Plans for Building a Handicap Ramp?

What Are Some Easy DIY Plans for Building a Handicap Ramp?

Instructions for building a handicap ramp on DIYNetwork.com are relatively easy. Similar instructions from HowStuffWorks.com and FamilyHandyMan.com are also easy to follow, with instructions also available for building a portable ramp.

The plans on DYINetwork.com include all necessary materials and tools. The instructions present eight steps with pictures. Building this wheelchair ramp requires cutting and creating a frame, attaching it to the building and constructing the ramp. The DIYNetwork.com plan is suitable for a ramp that ends at a deck.

The plan from HowStuffWorks.com offers specifications consistent with the Americans with Disabilities Act, including slope ratio and horizontal projections. The instructions also help users decide on materials and placement of the ramp.

FamilyHandyMan provides a set of instructions that helps users build and install a ramp with landings. The plan includes diagrams with precise measurements. Each part of the instructions includes a link with several detailed steps for that portion of the construction.

The instructions on Disabled-World.com for building a portable wheelchair ramp is a plan that renters can use since they typically can't create a permanent installation. It's also suitable for people who are only in a wheelchair temporarily. The plan includes instructions for the foundation, frame and body.