What Is an Easy and Creative Way to Fold Napkins?


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An easy and creative way to fold napkins is the bow tie napkin fold. A person folds a napkin in half, then folds the two ends to the middle of the napkin so that they overlap. She finishes by tying a piece of ribbon around the middle.

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What Is an Easy and Creative Way to Fold Napkins?
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For a rosette fold, an individual folds a square napkin into a triangle. Starting at the folded end, she rolls it up working toward the point of the triangle. Next, starting at one end of the long napkin roll, she wraps the napkin around itself to create a rose shape. She can place the folded rose in a bowl or cup.

The envelope napkin starts by folding the napkin into a square. Then, the individual folds two opposite ends of the square to the middle, overlapping the points and making the sides of the envelope. Next, she folds the bottom end up and over the intersecting edges. The napkin should resemble an open envelope. She can then slide the knife, fork and spoon into the open end.

Another good fold is a scroll-shaped fold. An individual starts by folding a napkin in half. After creasing the folded line, she unfolds the napkin. Starting at one side, she rolls the napkin to the middle crease and repeats the process with the other side so that both rolls meet in the middle. She finishes by placing the napkin in a glass.

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