Is It Easy to Clean a Lasko Fan?


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Tower and blower Lasko fans are relatively easy to clean and involve vacuuming the fan and wiping down the blades and exterior. Wall-mounted and boxed Lasko fans may need to be disassembled with a screwdriver prior to soaking the parts in hot water and dish detergent.

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To clean a Lasko fan, homeowners can use the vacuum cleaner's brush attachment and remove lint and dirt from the intake grills. Lasko does not recommend disassembling tower and blower fans to clean.

Pedestal, table, box and wall-mount Lasko fans need to be disassembled by removing the front and rear grills. Grills and blades can be soaked or cleaned with water and mild dish detergent or wiped down with a damp cloth. The fans need to be re-assembled by screwing the grills back into place before use. All fans should be unplugged prior to cleaning to avoid electric shock.

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