What Are Some Easy Bed Frame Plans to Follow?


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Plans for pallet bed frames, cinder block frames and basic frames that utilize hairpin leg designs are all relatively easy to follow. There are a number of basic frame plans comprised mostly of basic two-by-four construction lumber that will fit the four standard North American mattress sizes. These plans require minimal equipment and are suitable for those who have very little construction experience.

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Some of the simplest plans to follow involve laying cinder blocks in a square patter to create a raised mattress platform. Laying a piece of plywood beneath the mattress eliminates the need to stack cinder blocks at the core of the frame. This plan requires very little labor or construction experience. Painting cinder blocks can ensure this frame is better able to match the decor of the surrounding room.

Other easy to follow plans use cleaned, painted or reconditioned to create a bed frame. Wood pallets are an easy to find and cost-effective construction material that is simple to work with. Many wood pallets require no more than a coat of paint prior to assembly. Basic wood frame construction plans typically involve the assembly of headboards and footboards, legs or other stands, frame borders and slats that will support the weight of the mattress.

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