What Is the Easiest Way to Replace an Eljer Toilet Seat?


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Online retailers such as PlumbingSupply.com and LockePlumbing.com sell replacement seats for Eljer toilets in a variety of sizes, colors and styles. To remove the old toilet seat, pull up the plastic covers that conceal the two bolts at the rear, if present. Loosen the nuts on the underside of the two bolts, remove the seat, and then reverse the process to install the new seat.

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In contrast to more traditional toilet seat shapes that consumers might find in a home improvement or hardware store, Eljer toilets come in a wide variety of unique shapes. The Eljer Emblem model toilet, for example, has a square front and comes in both a regular and extended style.

Take careful measurements of an old toilet seat and compare it to the detailed drawings on PlumbingSupply.com or LockePlumbing.com to determine the name of the toilet model and whether it is the regular or extended version. These websites offer toilet seats in a variety of colors within each model line to match the shade of the porcelain toilet. Seats are typically available in traditional painted wood or in heavyweight solid plastic with molded-in color. Some plastic seats are available as an EZ-Close model, which employs a damper system to keep the lid from slamming shut.

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