What Is the Easiest Way to Remove Linoleum?


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A power scraper can quickly and easily remove a linoleum floor. This tool is available for rental in many hardware stores and through rental companies.

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There are no special tricks for removing a linoleum floor, just plenty of scraping. However, it is possible to remove linoleum without fuss using a power scraper.

  1. Score the linoleum floor
  2. Score the linoleum in 10 inch wide strips from one side of the floor to another. Use a utility knife to make the score lines. Cut deeply enough to get through most of the vinyl without cutting the floor underneath.

  3. Scrape the floor
  4. Slide the scraper edge of the power scraper under one section of linoleum. Hold the scraper at enough of an angle to push up the linoleum without gouging the floor. Turn it on and allow the oscillating motion of the scraper to push up the sections of linoleum in 10 inch stripes.

  5. Remove any adhesive remnants
  6. Use a hand scraper to remove the last of the glue adhesive. The remnants of glue can be removed more easily by soaking them in boiling water for about 10 minutes. Work in small sections at a time, and give the floor plenty of time to dry. A floor sander and edger can then be used to give the floor a finished look.

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