What Is the Easiest Method of Love Bug Removal?


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The easiest way to remove bugs from a car is to apply a coat of wax to the front hood and bumper every other week to make cleaning them off quick and easy, while protecting the paint underneath. Alternatively, baby oil can be sprayed from a bottle onto the hood and bumper of the car to prevent bugs from sticking to it, making removal of the bugs through washing easier.

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Once a car has bugs on its hood and bumper, it is important to wash it promptly to prevent damage to the paint and make the bugs easier to remove. The longer the bugs stay on, the harder they are to get off. When washing your car, use products specifically designed to remove tough grit such as tar to ensure the bugs can be removed easily.

To avoid love bugs in the first place, drive after dark whenever possible. Love bugs are most active around 10 a.m., but they do not fly at all after dark. Placing a screen over the grille of a car is also a wise step, as this can protect a radiator from becoming clogged with love bugs during the hot summer months when they are prevalent.

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