What Is the Best, Easiest-to-Install Type of New Flooring for a Kitchen?

What Is the Best, Easiest-to-Install Type of New Flooring for a Kitchen?

Options for easy flooring include installing floating floors of engineered wood, applying paint or laying a cork or vinyl tile floor. All of these options are efficient, durable and easier to install than other flooring options, according to This Old House.

Floating wood floors are planks that are not nailed down but are either glued or snapped together. Installation is fast, and these planks can fit over many materials such as concrete, plywood, sheet vinyl or ceramic tile. This option looks like solid wood, is stable and is ready for furniture in one day. Engineered wood floors are made of thin sheets of wood glued together and come with a durable finish. Engineered wood is an easier way to get a new floor than solid wood.

Painting a floor is an option for new flooring on a budget. Homeowners can apply a couple of coats of floor paint instead of completely refinishing a floor.

Cork flooring offers warmth and cushion to floors. It is durable, resilient and easier to install than traditional wood flooring. There are products that come in engineered panels that snap together without glue or nails. This type of flooring can be laid over plywood, concrete or existing flooring.

Vinyl tile originally was produced as an alternative to linoleum. It is easy to clean and resistant to cracking. A do-it-yourself renovator can lay an entire room of vinyl tile in a day.