How Do You Find Dyson Repair Centers?

Dyson owners can find service repair centers across the United States. Both Dyson and Service Center Locator provide complete lists of service centers on their websites. You can also find the nearest repair center by calling the Dyson helpline.

The list of service repair centers on the Dyson website is shorter than the one located on Service Center Locator because it only includes Dyson stores and repair shops with Dyson experts. There are 18 states listed on the Dyson website with repair centers. Clicking on any repair center provides information on the center, including address, telephone number and hours of operation.

The list of service centers on Service Center Locator includes stores that aren't Dyson but sell Dyson products and can repair them, including Walmart and Lowe's. For example, the Walmart in Mays Landing, New Jersey, contains a technical center that can service Dyson products. Information available on each service center includes the name of the store, address and telephone number.

An individual can also troubleshoot any problems with his Dyson product by calling the Dyson helpline and speaking with an operator. If the product needs service from a professional, and there is no service center in close proximity, you can ship the product to Dyson for repairs.

The Support page of offers a variety of help options to customers, including a page that covers all of its official services and repair centers. The main Dyson Service Centers page includes a list of each city and state in which a center operates, along with details about current company-wide promotions that may be available at these locations and a tool to initiate a chat conversation with a support specialist. The page also links to other Dyson promotions and offers the number and hours for its support line. To view details about a specific location, click on the city name to load its page.