How Does a DYNA Wood Processor Work?


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DYNA Products firewood processors work by lifting logs, cutting them into smaller sections and splitting the sections into stove-sized pieces of firewood. These processors are designed for commercial use, but other manufacturers make smaller wood processors for families and small businesses.

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The cheapest firewood processor sold by DYNA Products is the SC-12, which costs nearly $10,000 as of April 2015, making it expensive for non-commercial use. In addition, its large size makes it cumbersome for people without significant amounts of land. However, the SC-12 is able to handle logs up to 10 feet long and 15 inches in diameter. According to DYNA Products, it is also able to cut more than a full cord of wood per hour.

People interested in purchasing commercial-grade firewood processors may need to check local laws regarding the use of commercial firewood equipment, which are banned in some residential areas due to the noise and sawdust they produce. In addition, it's important to exercise safety, as commercial firewood processors are dangerous if used incorrectly.

Although furnaces and boilers are popular throughout much of the developed world, firewood is still commonly used for its simplicity and rustic appeal. While some of its pollution is unavoidable, many agencies consider wood to be a renewable fuel source, since the carbon monoxide that wood releases is reabsorbed by trees.

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