What Is a Dwarf Peach Tree?


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A dwarf peach tree is a miniature version of a standard peach tree. A genetic dwarf peach tree seldom grows to more than 6 feet tall and 6 to 10 feet wide, but it produces full-sized fruit. Miniature peach trees have shortened internodes, which are the distances between their buds, and this characteristic produces a denser canopy of leaves and a smaller tree.

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What Is a Dwarf Peach Tree?
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Dwarf fruit trees originate from the natural mutations of seedling trees. In a breeding process that took 20 years, growers hand pollinated the seedlings to obtain the ideal combination of genes for miniature size and good color and taste. These cultivars hold numerous benefits, such as being suitable for container planting and small gardens. Miniature fruit trees bear fruit earlier and produce more fruit than standard varieties. The flavor of the fruit is better, and the trees are easy to maintain.

Not all miniature fruit trees are genetic dwarf trees. Growers create dwarfing root stocks by grafting branches from standard-sized trees onto dwarf root stocks to restrict growth. Some nurseries create miniature fruit trees by using bonsai techniques. They grow the trees in pots and prune the roots and branches to restrict growth. These trees typically require more maintenance than genetic dwarf trees, but they are available in a greater selection of varieties.

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