What Are Dust Collector Bags?


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Certain types of dust collection equipment use dust collector bags to gather airborne sawdust and other particulates in a workshop, factory or other industrial setting. These fabric collectors, also called baghouses, employ two types of bags: top filter bags that separate the dust from the air, and bottom collection bags that contain the dust.

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The tiny particulates that dust comprises can come from the sawdust of woodworking, the fibers of textiles, the ashes of fire, and many other sources. As well as being a health hazard, dust can damage sensitive mechanical or electronic equipment. Dust collectors reduce the risks by removing these materials from the air. They range in size from small models for private workshops to major industrial machinery used in factories and construction sites.

A dust collector's filter bags work similarly to the filter in a vacuum cleaner. Made of breathable materials such as woven fabric or polyester felts that allows air to pass, they strain dust from air forced through them via a pump or fan. The operator must clean or replace filter bags periodically for the collector to keep functioning effectively. The dust that the filters catch then is shaken from the filter bags into collection bags, made of plastic, canvas or other non-permeable materials.

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