What Is Durablend Fabric?

Durablend is a trademarked polyurethane-based bonded-leather fabric often used for furniture upholstery. The Durablend brand contains 17 percent leather, 57 percent polyurethane and 26 percent poly/cotton blend. Durablend is offered as a low-cost alternative to genuine leather because it mimics the appearance, feel and scent of real hide.

Durablend and other bonded-leather products are manufactured by combining fragments of genuine hide with synthetic filler materials, such as polyurethane. The quality of bonded leather varies drastically, depending on the formula blend, but polyurethane is generally considered one of the most durable and environmentally friendly options for a synthetic base. Because the amount of leather in a blended product is usually minimal, bonded leather is frequently viewed as a type of faux leather.

Bonded-leather furniture is beneficial for consumers who are reluctant to use animal-hide products but want to achieve the same level of refinement associated with leather decor. Compared to genuine leather, bonded products often have a slightly softer texture, and manufactures may treat the material with polishes and gloss coats to give the leather the look of authenticity. However, bonded leather isn't as wear-resistant as genuine leather and doesn't develop a natural patina through aging. Leather blends are popular with discount furniture retailers because of the low upfront cost, but bonded leather is more difficult and costly to repair when torn or damaged.