What Are Some Durable Wooden Patio Covers?


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Durable wooden patio covers come in many different styles and include pergolas attached to a home or stand-alone, lattice covers made from materials like Alumiwood and stand-alone structures in customized styles. The type of material and the finish, along with maintenance, is what makes a structure durable so choosing material is very important.

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Pergolas are made as standalone structures or they can be attached to homes similar to a deck with columns and latticework for decoration. The key with pergolas is to pick the right material and finish. If homeowners are in an area that gets a lot of rain then they want to chose a wood that is treated for weather or naturally weather resistant like redwood or cedar. Pressure treated wood is another alternative, but it does not have the high-quality appearance. Although it can be wrapped in thin sheets like cedar or redwood to give the durable wood a better look.

Alumiwood is a product made especially for outdoor patio covers and decking. It is a synthetic wood that is termite resistance, repels stains, weatherproof and resists corrosion better than natural wood. The paint on the its made by Teflon, which means that it will be low maintenance and have minimal upkeep for homeowners.

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