What Are Some Duo-Therm Troubleshooting Tips?


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Check the air filters to make sure they are clean, as dirty filters can bog down the entire duo-therm air conditioning system, especially after extensive use. Replacing the air filters regularly keeps the air conditioning system functioning, and it reduces the pollution of indoor air inside the RV.

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If the condenser fins are malfunctioning, call an RV technician to inspect them for possible repair or replacement. If they are dirty and impacting the effectiveness of the air conditioner, remove the filter on the ceiling's interior, and look at the condenser fins. Dirty condenser fins means that the filter is not covering as much of the intake area as it should. It may also mean that the filter is damaged and that it should be replaced. If the condenser fins are bent, you can bend them back into a straight position using a fin comb.

Sometimes poor maintenance with the condenser coils may cause damage to the system. The condenser coil is located behind the AC unit through the outside of the RV's roof. Before washing the coil and cleaning it, disconnect the power leading into the air conditioner to avoid damage. Make sure the drains are unobstructed and that the pan is not overspilling into the rest of the system.

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