Is Duncan Phyfe furniture sturdy?


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Duncan Phyfe furniture is sturdy; the finely crafted pieces include Grecian scroll-designed pier tables that easily support large, heavy marble table tops. Duncan Phyfe built furniture in the early 1800s using durable wood and fabric, such as mahogany, rosewood and silk. Many pieces are in use as of 2015.

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Duncan Phyfe, born in 1770, was an American master cabinet and furniture maker. Phyfe often incorporated a rich, ornamented, Greek style and influence in his work. At other times, Phyfe combined solid craftsmanship and adapted a French Restauration style with simple, clean lines to create his furniture. He manufactured furniture until 1847 and died in 1854. Duncan Phyfe creations appear in museum collections and are part of private collections.

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