Who Does Ductwork Installation?


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Ductwork installation is generally done by a general contractor, according to This Old House. It's possible, however, to do the work on a do-it-yourself basis. If a homeowner tries the DIY approach, there are plenty of sites offering tips and instructions, including the ASHI Reporter.

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The cost for professional ductwork installation, including removal of old ducts, can cost $35 to $55 per linear foot, according to a 2014 Costhelper article. This cost includes both labor and materials and averages out to about $1,000 to $5,000 for the typical single-family home. Adding ducts to a home without any can begin at a cost of $5,000 or more. The price variation is due primarily to the type of ducts chosen, materials used and the linear feet of ductwork installed. Labor prices tend to differ by region as well.

Taking a DIY approach to installing ductwork can save in the cost of installation. For example, replacing the ductwork in a homeowner's basement by the homeowner costs about $450. The same homeowner received an estimate from a professional to do the work for $2,500. DIY ductwork replacement can be difficult, though, because homeowners still need to ensure that the ductwork meets inspection regulations, and a poorly installed duct system can lead to higher energy bills due to leakage.

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