What Does a Ductless Mini Split Do?


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A ductless mini split provides heating and air ventilation to any room where the occupants do not desire corded HVAC equipment. One advantage is that a ductless mini split eliminates the costs associated with maintaining the cables of a wired HVAC system.

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While air conditioners with cables are expensive to install, the installation procedure of a ductless mini split is fast, easy and cheap. Similarly, homeowners may move them from one room to another because they are highly portable. Unlike conventional air conditioners, cordless mini ducts are also very quiet.

Up to four mini splits may be installed in different zones and be connected to a single outdoor unit through three-inch thick holes through the walls. This way, an owner of a building ventilates the occupied space and only invests in additional mini splits when new tenants occupy more space.

When a building uses ductless mini splits, it employs thermostats for each unit. This means that the users easily achieve the different HVAC needs of different rooms. Since ductwork accounts for 30 percent of energy losses, a ductless mini split lessens the cost of space conditioning greatly, and since it is placed on the ceiling or hung on a wall, a well-designed mini split accentuates the interior decoration of a room.

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