Where Is Duck Brand Duct Tape Available for Sale?

Where Is Duck Brand Duct Tape Available for Sale?

As of July 2015, Duck, Amazon.com, Lowes and Costco sell Duck brand duct tape online. Duck carries a variety of strengths of duct tape, such as basic, all-purpose, original and professional. Listings include user reviews and ratings.

In addition to Duck brand tape designed for crafts, Amazon.com and Lowes have other brands of duct tape. Amazon.com offers single and multiple rolls. Also, the site lists user reviews and ratings for some of the products. Costco sells the original strength of Duck duct tape.

In general, user reviews for Duck brand duct tape are very positive. Some people state that the tape is versatile, waterproof, strong, flexible and long-lasting. Scissors are not needed to cut it, because users can tear off pieces by hand. However, some commentators mention that the tape is not very sticky or durable.

Duck brand offers several kinds other kinds of tape. Some comes in a variety of colors and prints, such as wood-grained, striped, animal designs, polka dots and peace signs. NFL, NBA and college team Duck tape is available.

Duck sells scented and glow-in-the-dark tape. Project tape comes in a variety of forms, including clear, waterproof, removable, double-sided and extra wide. Duck also has tape to seal cartons and to use outdoors.