Where Are Ducane Gas Furnace Parts Sold?

Replacement parts for Ducane gas furnaces are sold through specialty heating and ventilation parts suppliers such as Shorty's HVAC Supplies and Sears Parts Direct, as well as through online mass retailers such as Amazon. Internet auction sites, including eBay, also frequently feature listings for Ducane gas furnace parts.

The Shorty's HVAC Supplies website allows users to view all available Ducane furnace parts, which include details such as price, pictures of the part, what models of furnace with which the part is compatible, and a description of the part's function and purpose. Orders can be placed directly through the site or over the phone by calling the company's support and sales line.

Many replacement furnace parts found on Amazon are sold by third party sellers through the Amazon Marketplace program. This allows the retailers to have their products listed on the site and receive access to the same services as items sold directly from Amazon. These services include detailed customer reviews and the ability to receive different payment formats, including the Amazon Payments platform. Users purchasing items from a third-party seller should take note of the shipping options, as most sellers offer different shipping options than those that Amazon offers on its own products.