What Are Some Drywall Finishing Tips?


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To hang drywall properly, begin by measuring the room to determine the amount of materials needed for the project. Additionally, the installation process is more efficient when two people work together.

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Most drywall is installed vertically, but hanging the sheets horizontally is an acceptable and convenient method of installation. Begin by measuring the wall horizontally, and then cut the drywall about 1/4 inch shorter than the measurement. An assistant should hold the sheet in place until the board is firmly attached to the wall.

Use screws that are specifically designed for drywall, and avoid pressing on the drill to prevent damaging the board. Screws should be drilled into studs and placed 16 inches apart, both vertically and horizontally. To locate the stud easily, mark each stud location on the floor using a light pencil mark.

To install drywall over windows or outlets, mark the center of the outlet or window on the board. After installing the sheet, begin cutting at the center point of the outlet or window until the excess drywall is removed. Check the fit of the drywall beforehand if outlet openings are already cut to prevent causing damage to the sheet, and make any necessary adjustments before installation. To prevent cracks, cut the door and window openings into the drywall rather than creating a joint. Joints are less stable than a single sheet of drywall and may crack over time if incorrectly positioned.

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