What Does a Dryer Venting System Do?


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A dryer venting system is used to vent hot air and moisture from the dryer to the outdoors. The venting system consists of a vent hood connected to the dryer vent, which uses tubing placed in a wall or crawl space to direct hot air and moisture outdoors.

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Hot air and moisture are pushed into a duct that exits the back of the dryer by an internal fan. If a dryer does not have a venting system, hot air and moisture remains inside the home and causes mold. The dryer venting system usually takes the shortest route to the outdoors via a crawl space, through a nearby wall or under the floor. This system pushes hot air and moisture from the dryer through aluminum tubing that is placed inside the wall or under the floor. The hot air exits the home from an opening in the attic or basement. The tubing must also create a solid connection between the vent pipe on the dryer and the duct pipe used to direct the hot air from the dryer.

It is important to keep the dryer venting system clean and unclogged. Cleaning the vent and removing lint helps improve the efficiency of the dryer. Lint can accumulate in the vent and slowly clog it, which prevents hot air and moisture from exiting the home. In some cases, this can become a safety hazard.

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