How Does a Dryer Vent Cap Work?


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A dryer vent cap covers the exposed dryer vent and protects against the buildup of debris, reducing fire risk. The cap also prevents animals and insects from entering the home.

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The first step to replacing a dryer vent hood is to slide the dryer away from the wall and disconnect the duct hose from the machine. To remove the damaged dryer vent hood, one must remove the caulking from the damaged vent using a utility knife, remove the screws holding the vent in place and lift the hood free. Next, all dirt and debris should be cleared from the surface of the vent, and the inside of the vent should be freed of obstruction.

Next, the replacement vent hood is attached to the vent pipe. If the vent hood replacement kit comes with a new vent pipe, it should be the same length as the previous one. When the new pipe is placed, the screw holes should be checked for alignment and redrilled if necessary.

Once the pipe is properly prepared, one should slide the vent into place and screw it into the wall. The edges of the vent hood are then sealed with silicone caulk. The dryer is then reattached to the original venting and moved back into place.

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