Why Does a Dryer Make Noises?


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Dryers make several types of ticking, spinning, shaking and whirring sounds that don't signify problems. Gas dryers make normal clicking sounds as the gas valves open and close. New dryers may squeak during the first few times of use. Uncharacteristic rattling, scraping and thumping noises may signal an unbalanced dryer, a clogged lint trap, worn out glides or loose objects such as shoes, buttons or zippers in the drum.

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Unusual dryer noises often are easily fixed. It's important to unplug the dryer from all electrical sources or cut off the power supply at the breaker box as a safety precaution before inspecting it. If a new dryer doesn't stop squeaking after several cycles, check for any loose screws holding the back panel in place. A carpenter's level can indicate whether a dryer is stable or not. If the dryer tilts to one side, it is easy to adjust its leveling legs underneath the unit. Rattling also may be caused by objects leaning against the dryer. Leave adequate space between washer and dryer units to make sure they don't clank against one another. Worn or loose drum slides can cause a metal scraping noise as the drum turns. Any repairs that aren't easily done at home should be referred to a technician.

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