How Do You Dry Wood in a Kiln at Home?


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Drying wood in a kiln requires green wood of a uniform size. It also requires smaller boards or sticks, called stickers, and tools to trim the wood.

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How Do You Dry Wood in a Kiln at Home?
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The first step is to make sure that all of the wood to be dried is of similar diameter. Wood pieces with different diameters dry at different rates, meaning some wood burns, while other wood remains wet. Also make sure that all of the wood is short enough to avoid contact with the sides of the kiln, or burning can result. Once the wood is prepared, heat the kiln.

Once the kiln has heated, place wood into the kiln, making sure that each board has at least 1 inch of space separating it from the others. To add another layer, place the stickers crosswise on the top of the boards, flush with the ends to prevent warping. Continue placing alternating layers of wood and stickers until all the wood is inside the kiln, again making sure that no wood is touching the kiln. Allow the wood to dry completely, remove from the kiln, and store in a dry space. Drying times vary depending on the thickness and type of wood, and how wet it is.

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