How Do You Dry Wet Tennis Shoes?


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If athletic shoes get wet, About.com recommends air-drying them by loosening the laces, removing the insoles and keeping them away from direct heat. The insoles are washable if air-dried away from the heat.

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How Do You Dry Wet Tennis Shoes?
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Most runners find having 2 pairs of shoes allows time for one pair to dry after it gets wet. If fast drying is required, crumpled newspaper, placed inside the wet shoes wicks the moisture away. If the shoe remains damp after 2 hours, replace the wet paper with dry paper and check again in a couple of hours.

Heat and leather do not mix. While placing the shoes on a radiator or in a tumble dryer speeds the drying process, it also dries the leather and other materials of the natural oils needed to keep the shoes flexible. Drying in this manner causes cracks to form and speeds the wear of the shoes.

Shoes stored in a gym bag or other enclosed area remain damp longer than those stored where there is plenty of air circulation. Storing shoes in a cool, dry place allows natural evaporation of perspiration and prevents the growth of bacteria that cause odors.

If the shoes are for exercise, the owner should avoid wearing them for other activities. Even though they do not take the beating they do when on the court or track, just walking around in shoes breaks down the cushioning that protects the wearer's feet during athletic events.

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