How Do You Dry Geraniums Over the Winter?


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To dry geraniums for storage, dig up the plants before frost, remove the soil from the roots and hang the plants upside down in a basement or protected, cool area. Another option is to store the bare root plants in open paper bags for the dormant season.

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Drying geraniums allows the owner to bring the plants back to life during the next growing season. When soil temperatures begin to rise, cut each plant back to remove any dead or shriveled materials, leaving the healthy stem. Water the plants and place them in potting soil. Keep them inside, near a sunny window. The plants should begin the regrowth process and be ready for transplanting outside within a couple of months.

While the plants are in storage, check them monthly to ensure they do not become too dry. To rehydrate plants that are starting to shrivel, place the roots in a container of water for a couple of hours. Remove them from the water, shake off any excess and return them to storage.

Many owners find drying geraniums, which are normally more expensive than other types of flowers, to be a good way to increase the number of plants in a garden while reducing expenses. When planning to dry geraniums for storage, it is essential to bring the plant indoors before the first hard frost.

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