How Do I Dry Foam Cushions?

To dry foam cushions, press the cushions against the sink wall to remove excess moisture, and dry the cushions in the sun. If the cushions are covered, remove the covers from the cushions, blot the covers and air dry them separately. Replace the covers once the cushions are dry.

  1. Blot and dry the cushion covers

    Strip off the cover from the cushions, place the cushions on a clean white towel, fold over the towel, and blot the cushion cover to eliminate the excess moisture. Change the towel once it is saturated. Air dry the blotted cover, and repeat the process for each cover.

  2. Squeeze the cushions

    Put the stripped cushion in the bathtub, and press the cushion against the side of the tub to squeeze out the water. Remove the cushion from the tub, and repeat the process for the other cushions.

  3. Air dry the cushions

    Put the cushions in the sun, and let them dry to eliminate the water remnants. Check the upper side of the cushions to ensure that they are dry, and turn the cushions over to air dry the opposite sides. Once the cushions are dry, insert them into the cushion covers, and lay them back onto the furniture.