How Do You Dry Clothes Without an Electric Clothes Dryer?


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Rolling wet clothes up inside a dry towel, squeezing the towel and then hanging the clothes up on a rack or outdoor line is an alternative drying method for those who do not have an electric clothes dryer. While this method takes longer, it uses less energy and saves money.

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Placing a fluffy, dry towel on a counter with the wet clothing on top and then rolling the towel up so that the garment is inside draws moisture out of the garment. Twisting the towel at one end and working one's way to the other end twists the extra water from the garment into the towel. Applying an iron on high heat to a garment beneath a towel sends heat to the garment without damaging it.

Many of the garments that come from the washing machine end up on a drying rack, hopefully located near a radiator or some other heat source. Putting the rack outside on a sunny day is another way to speed up the drying process. A final trick actually involves the use of the washing machine. Setting the spin cycle as high as possible takes even more moisture out of garments before they even leave the washer.

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