How Do You Dry Clean at Home?


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To dry clean at home, open a home dry cleaning kit, pretreat stains, fill the bag with clothing and a dry cleaning pad, process it in a dryer, then iron and reshape the garments. This two-hour process requires a home dry cleaning kit, an iron and a clothes dryer.

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  1. Open the kit

    Open the home dry cleaning kit, remove the components and read the instructions. Review the care labels of the garments you wish to dry clean.

  2. Pretreat stains

    Put a dab of the dry cleaning kit stain remover on an inconspicuous area of each stained garment. If the product changes the color or finish of the fabric, do not use it. Otherwise, apply the stain remover according to the cleaning kit instructions.

  3. Fill the bag

    Unzip the dry cleaning bag, and place the garments inside. Tear open one moist dry cleaning pad, and place it in the bag. Close the bag, and put it in the clothes dryer.

  4. Run the dryer

    Run the dryer at the temperature recommended in the kit instructions.

  5. Iron and store the garments

    When the drying cycle ends, promptly retrieve the bag and remove the garments. Discard the dry cleaning pad. Iron the garments that require it, and return them to your wardrobe.

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