How Do You Dry Bib Overalls?

dry-bib-overalls Credit: Takamitsu GALALA Kato/Image Source/Getty Images

Bib overalls can easily damage the inside of your conventional dryer because of heavy buckles and multiple snaps. Fold your bib overalls and secure with diaper or safety pins to dry them without damaging your appliance.

  1. Gather your supplies

    Use your conventional dryer and diaper or safety pins to dry your bib overalls.

  2. Wash your overalls

    Wash your bib overalls on a regular wash cycle using the cold water setting.

  3. Fold the overalls

    Remove your overalls from the washing machine. Hold them by the waist with the legs hanging down. Fold the front bib backwards and into the waist of the legs. Fold the back and straps of the overalls forward and into the waist of the legs. Let the right strap drop down into the right leg, and let the left strap dangle drop down into the left leg.

  4. Pin in place

    Pin each corner of the front bib to the inside of the overalls near the crotch. Pin the right strap near the end of the strap to the inside of the right leg. Do the same for the left strap inside of the left leg. Pin the center of the back section inside of the overalls just under the waist.

  5. Dry the overalls

    Dry your bib overalls as you normally do. Pinning the bib and straps to the inside of the overalls protects the buckles and snaps, preventing damage to the inside of your dryer.