What Are Some Drought-Tolerant Landscaping Ideas?


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Some drought-tolerant landscaping ideas include corner gardens, bushes, decorative rocks, foliage plants and water features. Another option is to use plants native to the area that thrive in low-water climates.

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Corner gardens located downhill or on the edge of a property collect moisture runoff, especially water that collects by sidewalks and other cement or stone areas. This helps to utilize all available water. Another idea is to use sculptures and large stones as accent pieces, filling in the cracks between the stones with drought-tolerant moss and ground cover. The homeowner can also plant decorative bushes and hedges around the sculptures for added structure, as these plants require very little water once they reach maturation.

The homeowner can forgo flowers, which require a great deal of water, for foliage plants such as ornamental grasses that require very little moisture. One example is tall bloodgrass planted in the corners of a small garden with shorter artemisia between them.

Another drought-tolerant landscaping idea is to use native plants and group the plants by water requirement for more efficient water use. For instance, flowers that require more water need to be placed in one area of the garden and not throughout. When planted together, only a smaller area needs extra water, while the rest of the garden can be made up of rock features and native drought-tolerant plants.

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