What Are Drop Ceiling Light Panels?


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Drop ceiling light panels are covers for fluorescent lights in drop ceilings that provide a finished look, while allowing the light to shine through. One of the materials these panels are made of is acrylic.

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Drop ceiling light panels are lightweight and are cut using plastic sheet cutters to fit the specifications of the installer and are available in many different sizes. These panels do not require any fastening; gravity holds them in place.

Acrylic is derived from natural gas. However, the acrylic in the panels is nontoxic, even after being exposed to the temperature of a fluorescent light. Acrylic is cleaned by using special acrylic cleaners; normal chemicals used to clean glass, such as Windex, damage acrylic.

To install a drop ceiling, first measure the size of the ceiling and where the lights are going in order to determine the amount of material needed and the proper location for the electrical wiring. Then, attach wall angles in a leveled position. After, install the electrical wiring for the lights, the suspension wiring to hold up the main tees that support the drop ceiling, and install the main tees. Finally, place the drop ceiling panels and the drop ceiling light panels on the main tees to complete the ceiling.

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