What Is Drop-in 3 Burner Cooktop?

What Is Drop-in 3 Burner Cooktop?

A drop-in cooktop with three burners fits into a cut-out kitchen countertop. This type of cooking equipment is commonly found in small kitchens or highly customized ones. Buyers can purchase drop-in cooktops from appliance stores or recreational vehicle supply companies, such as Aj Madison or Camping World.

Drop-in cooktops, like standard ranges, are powered by gas or electric. Propane and natural gas options are both available. Propane-fueled cooktops are smaller and commonly used in recreational vehicles.

Electric cooktops are available with coil, induction or radiant cooking elements, and porcelain or ceramic glass surface. Gas burners are covered with cast iron or coated steel grates.

The controls on a drop-in cooktop are located on the top of the appliance. Many three-burner cooktops, such as the Suburban model from Camping World, feature manual push-to-turn knobs. Basic models for recreational vehicles do not have any electronic display panels or special features. They are also relatively inexpensive, selling for under $200, as of 2015.

High-end models, such as the three-burner Fulgor Milano model, have touch controls, electronic displays and indicator lights. These more expensive cooktops are heavier and wider than the basic gas models because they are meant for regular home kitchens with customized cabinetry.