What Are Some Driveway Ideas?


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Examples of driveway ideas include tar and chip driveways, glass driveways, turf driveways and sandstone driveways. While deciding on options, cost, appearance, the environment and personal preference should be considered.

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What Are Some Driveway Ideas?
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Tar and chip driveways are an affordable option for individuals who desire a driveway that offers good traction. Another advantage of tar and chip driveways is that stains and oil spills can easily be concealed. This particular type of driveway has also been known to last longer.

Glass driveways are made up of recycled materials, making them a good option for eco-friendly designs. The glass can be blended with a resin, granite or cement binder in order to make the mixture more solid. Glass driveways are a good option for rainy areas and driveways that get a lot of runoff.

Turf driveways can be made of recycled plastic and look much like grass driveways. The maintenance requirements for turf driveways are minimal since they just need to be watered whenever the lawn is watered. Owners also need to make sure they keep the drainage openings free of debris.

Sandstone driveways are one of the most popular and natural looking options. There are several colors to choose from, and the material is highly resistant to the weather. As for maintenance, weeds need to be extracted, gravel surfaces need to be swept and a sealant may need to be applied.

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