How do you drill a water borehole?


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To create a water borehole, drill the hole using tools such as a simple drag bit to high impact, high penetration Down The Hole Air Hammers. Depending on the geology, temporary steel casings are inserted to stop collapses during drilling. The tools are then removed from the hole, and the borehole is constructed from steel casing and screen. Submersible pumps are then inserted to supply water for the needed application.

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When drilling boreholes, the hole is either air flushed or mud flushed in order to remove the drilling residues that can impede the process. Air flushing involves using compressed air to drive the drilling tools; a by-product of this is that once water is found and driven out, the water level, quantity and recharge rate of the bore hole can be estimated. There is a measurable gap between the drilled borehole and the borehole installation that is filled with a recycled glass gravel material. This glass filler acts as an initial water filter, and it supports the sides of the borehole, preventing it from collapsing.

Water boreholes are not very invasive, and once drilled, there is very little visible sign. After drilling, the borehole is terminated within a purpose made poly well head sump. This sump is a covered and sealed manhole.

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