How Do You Drill Your Own Water Well?


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To drill your own water well, pick an area away from any septic tanks, sewer lines or other contaminants. Use a well shovel and pick-axe to dig an initial hole that is 5 feet wide and 5 feet deep. Once the hole is too large to shovel out dirt, place a tripod over it with a crank and rope to lift buckets of dirt out. When you reach the water table, adjust tools and dig as deep as needed.

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When the soil becomes muddy, you are at the water table line. Once the hole is as deep as needed, begin to line the bottom of the well with river rock. Cover the rock with pea gravel, and place a culvert or sewage pipe inside against the shoring used to fortify the walls of the well. Use stones and river rock to back-fill the perimeter of the shoring. Let water rise into the well to about 2 feet over the water table line.

When choosing a place to dig, locate healthy trees and dig just outside of the tree canopy. Contact a well permit office to determine the depth allowed for a well and what kind of ground conditions to expect once you begin digging. To facilitate an easier dig, water the area and dig when the soil is damp.

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