How Do You Drill a Hole in a Glass Vase?


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A hole can be drilled in a glass vase using a simple drill with a diamond drill bit. The method is a relatively straightforward task that will also make use of a large, heavy bowl or pan and water.

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The following shows one method of drilling a hole in a glass vase:

  1. Prepare the bowl or pan
  2. Fill the pan or heavy bowl with about an inch of water. The purpose of the pan is to keep the glass and drill lubricated, and likewise to keep both from heating up too much.

  3. Prepare the glass vase
  4. Set the glass vase in the middle of the pan or bowl. Fill the vase with water for added weight and to keep it from floating around too much.

  5. Drill
  6. Turn on the drill after making sure that the diamond drill bit with the preferred size is attached. Set the drill speed to the lowest setting possible. Start drilling the hole in the preferred location using only light pressure. Keep the drill and the glass lubricated while drilling to keep both from overheating as building up too much heat may cause the glass to break. Pausing every 10 to 20 seconds or so will also help keep the drill bit from overheating.

  7. Punch through
  8. Keep light pressure on the drill until it punches through the hole. Remember to be patient and do not rush.

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