How Do You Drill a Hole in Glass?


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To drill a hole in glass, secure a diamond bit in a drill press, and use it to drill a hole through a piece of glass that is submerged in water. You need a drill press, a diamond bit, a shallow dish, a piece of wood and safety gear.

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  1. Install the drill bit

    Decide which size drill bit you want to use, and install it into the drill press.

  2. Prepare the support dish

    Fill the dish with water, and then place the piece of wood inside of it. Place the dish at the center of the drill press table.

  3. Center the glass

    Place the glass on top of the piece of wood.

  4. Line up the bit with the glass

    With the machine off, bring the drill down to line up the bit at the location where you want to drill into the glass.

  5. Hold the glass

    Hold the glass underneath the water, and ensure it's steady.

  6. Drill the hole

    Turn on the drill press, and then bring the bit down until it drills through the glass and into the wood.

  7. Turn off the press

    Return the drill to its original position, and turn off the press.

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