How Do You Drill Into Brick?

How Do You Drill Into Brick?

To drill into brick, purchase a masonry bit for an electric drill. While wearing eye protection, hold the drill bit perpendicular to the brick, and drill as deep as necessary.

  1. Select the correct masonry bit

    Drilling a hole the correct size the first time is vital, so be sure to use the proper size of bit. Masonry bits that are able to drill into brick are sold at hardware stores.

  2. Decide exactly where and how deep to drill

    Measure and mark carefully where to drill. If you need to drill to a certain depth, mark on the drill bit how deep to drill with a piece of blue painter's tape.

  3. Wear protection

    Brick dust is dangerous, so wearing proper eye protection is crucial. Wear face and hand protection, if desired.

  4. Stand on a safe surface

    Drilling into brick requires quite a bit of force from you, so be certain you stand on a safe, stable surface. Get help if necessary to secure a ladder.

  5. Begin drilling

    Place the bit against the brick and turn it on. Press firmly to move the bit through the brick. If necessary, back the drill out a few times to remove brick dust. Stop drilling when the drill hole is as large and deep as necessary.

  6. Clean up the brick dust

    Vacuum or sweep the brick dust from underneath where you drilled. Prevent damage to carpets and polished surfaces by removing brick fragments immediately.