What Are Some Dremel Accessories?

Some accessories for Dremel-brand tools include rotary, moto-saw, butane torch and engraver tool accessories. Additional Dremel accessories are those for Saw-Max, Ultra-Saw, Trio, Multi-max and VersaTip products. Programmable Logic Array filament, used with the three-dimensional Idea Builder, is another Dremel accessory.

Dremel rotary accessories include products for carving, cleaning, cutting, grinding, routing and sanding. Drill bits, carbon motor brushes, mandrels, chucks and collets are additional Dremel rotary accessories. Rotary accessory kits include a mini kit, mega kit and EZLock mini kit. Cutting blades for metal, wood, fine wood and plastic are also available for moto-saw tools.

Dremel Multi-Max accessories include items for cutting, grout removal, sanding, scraping and grinding. Multi-Max accessory kits feature a universal cutting kit, six and 14-piece cutting kits, and a standard Multi-Max cutting kit. Dremel Saw-Max accessories consist of cutting wheels for different materials, including metal, wood, plastic, masonry and tile. Dremel Ultra-Saw accessories include cutting wheels for a variety of materials and surface preparation wheels.

Dremel Trio accessories consist of drill bits for steel, sheet metal, tile and a guide point piloted bit. Trio accessories for sanding include sanding bands, sanding drum mandrels and a random orbital sander. Other Dremel Trio accessories include corner rounding bits, straight bits, a Chamfer bit and router bit sets. Dremel VersaTip accessories include tips for grading, script tips, soldering tips, a hot knife tip and a universal tip.

Dremel's PLA filament for 3D printers is available as a refill for the Idea Maker printer. It is available in a range of 10 colors, and each spool contains enough filament for approximately 36 small plastic models.

The Robert Bosch Tool Corporation designs, manufactures and sells Dremel-brand tools. The company also produces Bosch and SKIL brand-name tools.