How Do Drawer Dividers Work?

How Do Drawer Dividers Work?

Drawer dividers are an organizing tool used to separate and categorize a group of items within a drawer. Dividers are both commercially manufactured or can be fashioned out of household items.

Drawer dividers come in a variety of designs, sizes and utilities and range from inexpensive to costly, depending on the quality and quantity desired by the user. To accommodate the fact that there is no standard drawer size, most dividers are built to conform to a variety of sizes. Some manufactured dividers are expandable, spring-loaded or adjustable in some other way.

Certain drawer systems allow users to build their own divider system using small containers that interlock and sit flush within a drawer. Other drawer divider systems feature highly customizable divider walls, allowing the user to size the in-drawer divisions according to their specific needs. These systems often feature interlocking divider walls, or they must be installed using tools and hardware.

Modified cardboard shoe boxes or pieces of wood cut to a drawer's specific size are two examples of do-it-yourself drawer dividers.

Manufacturers make drawer dividers for most household organization needs, including those for bathroom vanities, kitchen cabinets and dresser drawers. While some dividers are built with a specific purpose, such as cutlery dividers or sock organizers, most can be used to fit myriad organizational needs.