How Do You Draw a Tulip?


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To draw a tulip, simply draw an oval and attach two petals to its sides, then draw the tips of the hind petals. Shade the flower so the bottom appears darker than the top, and faint the lines. You need a piece of paper, a pencil, an eraser and crayons.

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  1. Draw the tulip

    Using a pencil, draw an oval in a vertical orientation. Draw two petals on the sides to form the cup-like shape of a tulip. Draw the tips of the hind petals to make the tulip look full. Draw a stem that tapers on the way down. Erase mistakes, and make any adjustments needed.

  2. Shade the tulip

    Using the crayons, shade the oval starting with the bottom. The shading should gradually get lighter as you work your way up. Do the same to other petals to complete the shading. For the hind petals, shade the seen tips as dark as the bottom of the tulip to make it more realistic.

  3. Make the drawn lines faint

    Using an eraser, faint the lining that makes the petals look drawn so they appear like the bottom of the tulip. Blend the surface, and make the lines on the tips of the petals the lightest.

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