How Do You Drain a Zenith Dehumidifier?


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Drain a Zenith dehumidifier directly using a hose that empties into a floor drain or sump pit, or drain it manually using a bucket that works as a reservoir. Bucket draining requires physical emptying of contents whenever full, while direct draining is hassle free and saves time.

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To drain directly using a hose, unplug the dehumidifier from the power source, and connect the hose to the back of the unit. Extend the hose to the desired drainage area, and ensure it does not slant upward at any point to prevent the backup of water. It is best to place the dehumidifier on an even surface and elevate it higher than drainage area.

To drain using the reservoir system, an indicator device shuts off the unit each time the bucket is full. Empty the bucket and replace it, then turn on the dehumidifier again.

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