How Do You Drain Water Out of a Jenn-Air Dishwasher?


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Unplugging the dishwasher, preparing the floor for an onrush of water and scooping out the water that remains inside are the steps to draining a Jenn-Air dishwasher that does not drain normally. Depending on the water remaining inside, using some of the towels in the house may be necessary.

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Unplug the electrical cord that powers the dishwasher. The outlet is generally beneath the sink. If you can't reach the outlet, go to the circuit box and turn off the breaker that powers the dishwasher. Put towels on the floor, beneath the dishwasher door and to either side. Open the dishwasher door slightly, and peer inside to check the level of the water. If it is almost full, put a basin under both sides of the dishwasher door to catch as much water as possible.

Open the dishwasher door slowly, bringing it down to the horizontal resting position. Mop and soak up as much water as you can after it rushes out of the dishwasher. Place any dishes in the sink, as they require another cleaning. Use a plastic cup or other container to scoop any remaining water out. Use a dry towel to remove the last of the remaining water.

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