How Do You Drain the Water From a GE Smartwater Heater?

To drain the water from a GE SmartWater Heater, turn off the gas to the unit, allow the water to cool, attach a garden hose to the drain, direct the hose to a safe location for the water to drain and open the valve. The process takes a few days.

The water in the unit is hot, and allowing it to cool before draining improves safety. However, cooling takes several days. One option to speed the cooling process is to open a nearby hot water tap and allow the water to run until it is cool.

Before opening the drain, close the cold water valve to shut off the pressurized supply to the tank. Once you attach the hose and open the valve, open a nearby hot water tap to allow air into the tank so the water can drain.

Draining the tank helps to remove sediment that forms from heating water. Sediment that collects at the bottom of the tank makes it less efficient at heating water. Once the tank is empty and it is time to fill it again, close the drain valve, and disconnect the hose. Turn on the cold water valve, and allow the tank to fill. Once the air exits the tank and lines, close the hot water faucet, and ignite the burner.