How Do You Drain a Pool?

To drain a pool, switch off the power supply, and turn off the automatic water fill valve. Connect the drainage hose to the submersible pump, drain the water, and then refill the pool immediately. Keep alert to ensure the pool water doesn't back up into your home.

  1. Turn off the power and water valve

    Turn off the power to the pool's filter, and shut off the automatic water fill valve. Locate the clean-out port to access the sanitary sewer line. Usually, the port is located underground near a water spigot. The port has a diameter of 3 to 4 inches and contains a rubber or threaded cap.

  2. Drain the pool

    Run the drainage hose from the sewer clean-out port to the pool, and connect the hose to the submersible pump. Lower the pump deep into the pool near the drain. Drain the pool while monitoring the flow into the clean-out port so water doesn't back up into your home sink. In case of a backup, stop the drainage, and call a plumber.

  3. Refill the pool

    Refill the pool with fresh water immediately after drainage to prevent sunlight from damaging the pool's plaster. Check the chemical levels daily, and add chemicals as needed.