How Do You Drain a Maytag Neptune Washer?

A Maytag Neptune washer that does not drain properly may have a faulty water pump or an obstruction blocking the pump, explains Mary Marlowe Leverette on If the pump has no obstruction, it may need replacing. The standing water may be removed by unclamping the drain hose and directing the water into a container.

If the pump has to be replaced, the homeowner may remove the back panel of the washer by loosening the screws then sliding the panel up, instructs Chris Deziel of SFGate. The homeowner should then pull off the electrical connector from the drain pump. The next step involves unscrewing the clamp holding the hose that leads from the washer tub to the pump, pulling off the hose and directing it to a ground-level container to catch the water.

The homeowner may remove the second hose once the water has drained. Unscrewing the bolts holding the pump to the bottom of the machine frees the pump so that it may be lifted out of the machine. The homeowner may then install the new pump in the same orientation as the original pump. To reassemble, the homeowner should replace the retaining bolts, push the hoses on and tighten the clamps, Deziel says. Then the electrical connector should be pushed onto the pump terminal before replacing the back panel and reconnecting the water supply hoses.