How Do You Drain a Hot Tub?


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To drain a hot tub, users should first turn off the power going to the tub. The best way is to turn the breaker to the off position.

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Once the power is off, users should obtain a screwdriver before beginning the process.

  1. Remove the Panel
  2. Using the screwdriver, users should remove the panel that covers the drain tube.

  3. Locate Drain Hose
  4. After the panel is removed, locate the tube that has a hose fitting on one end. After locating this, unscrew the cap.

  5. Connect the Garden Hose
  6. Connect the garden hose to the drain tube and place the other end of the hose outdoors.

  7. Start Draining
  8. Turn on the valve that drains the water and let the water drain until the hot tub is completely empty.

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