How Do You Drain a Hayward Pool Pump?

Remove the two drain plugs from the pump to drain a Hayward pool pump, and turn off the electrical supply to the pump before draining. You need grip gloves and a 9/16-inch box wrench or adjustable wrench for the task. You may also need a shop vacuum or an compressor to remove all of the water.

  1. Turn off electricity to the pump

    Identify the switch in the circuit breaker box that supplies power to the pump and turn if off before beginning work on the pump.

  2. Clean the strainer basket

    Remove the strainer basket from the pump and rinse it clean. Set it aside until the pump is drained.

  3. Remove the drain plugs

    Find the two drain plugs on the bottom of the filter. One is on the front, and the other is on the side. Use grip gloves and the wrench to turn the plugs counter-clockwise to loosen, and remove them completely.

  4. Drain the water

    Allow the water to drain out of the pump. It is important to remove all of the water to prevent rust, or if storing the pump outside in a cold climate, to prevent it from cracking if it freezes. If the water does not drain completely, use a shop vacuum or air compressor to force out the remaining water.